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Kris Parker

Ade Pryke


Kiss Like Ether's Steampunk personas consist of Alexander Krow – Explorer Extraordinaire (Kris Parker) and Professor Plectrum (Ade Pryke).

In the Steampunk universe serendipity creates art and invention. These two gentlemen, Alexander Krow - famous for discovering the lost tribe of Wollowee Badingdong and winning Pith Helmet Wearer of the Year, and Professor Plectrum – Inventor of the Pocket Moustache Curlers and the Intercooled Airship Turbocharger with added Nitrous, met at the renowned Garrick Club in Garrick Street, London via a mutual acquaintance, H G Wells.

They could often be found relaxing in their favourite armchairs talking into the early hours about the merits of airship travel and the dangers of unreasonably tight sock suspenders. One cold winter evening they were discussing the possibilities of what music would be like in the future when a new member introduced himself. He failed to volunteer his name, pulled up a chair and proceeded to tell stories of organs with multiple sounds like an orchestra and stringed instruments with the power to make ones ears bleed.

Krow and Plectrum proceeded to probe this enthusiastic gentleman about his impressive insight into the future world. The gentleman informed them that he had built a time machine to explore into the future. Later that evening they made their way to the stranger’s home and were given a demonstration of the extraordinary machine.

Giddy with the cerebral intoxication of this invention they proceeded to ask the Time Traveller to bring back instruments from the future. The kindly gentleman ventured to the early 21st century to collect instruments, gadgets and gizmos to help the duo create the extraordinary sound that is Kiss Like Ether.

Following the introduction of these marvellous musical instruments Professor Plectrum tasked Mr Krow with sourcing materials for the perfect pick to play his guitar. Mr Krow (Explorer Extraordinaire) grabbed this task by the Short & Curlies (his two willing assistants) and proceeded to venture across the world in his airship, searching for the ideal elements to make a perfect pick.